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DJ Sampa

DJ Sampa

From early childhood in São Paulo, DJ Sampa has been inspired by different music styles. He started his DJ career in the early nineties playing Samba, Samba-Rock, Rap, and Soul.

Sampa discovered Forró in the late nineties when he frequented a forró club with his capoeira group. Shortly before the millennium he moved to Switzerland and soon grew a reputation in the Latin music scene as DJ Sampa.

Sampa studied traditional forró in 2014 and went on from there to become a cultural producer of a weekly forró event in Zurich and founded Forró Vinyl, a monthly event.

Sampa has also an impressive collection of vinyls and brings together the best experience with his passion for Forró. He is a frequent guest DJ on the European forró scene and also back home in Brazil.