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Juliana Braga

Juliana Braga

Juliana Braga, the Queen of forró community in Europe, started to dance at the age of 15 and has since made dance her passion and career.

Currently, Juliana is a dance teacher and dancer in Amsterdam. She teaches several Brazilian dances and she is officially acknowledged by the Ministerie voor Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap in the Netherlands.

With decades of experience in Brazil and abroad, Juliana has learned that the basis of all dance lies in musicality, body awareness, and expression. Over the years, she has worked with organizations like CliniClowns, 5D festival, Uitmarkt Amsterdam, Mixmax Brazil, Samba Salad, Roots Festival and Buitenkunst.

In 2007, Juliana Braga established the Espaço Cultural, her very own cozy dance school which is located in the heart of Amsterdam. Juliana uses it for much more than just dance classes.

In Espaço Cultural, Juliana organizes also children’s activities and monthly cultural activities where she invites different dancers and musicians from The Netherlands and Brazil.