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Teachers and artists


We are so proud to be able to present this amazing teacher team for this year’s Alegria do Norte, Stockholm Forró Festival!

Camila Alves is currently the co-owner, pedagogical director and teacher of Espaço Baião, one of the biggest forró schools in Europe based in Lisbon. She explores contemporary topics such as the role of leaders and followers and how they can take a more feminist approach when dancing, encouraging students to dance and express themselves however they want.

Tau Macedo Originally from Salvador Bahia, now based in Berlin. His minimalistic dance style never compromises on the musicality, with him music and dance become one. He has developed his teaching focusing on musicality where he invites you to work with the music in a multilayered and meaningful way.

His passion for Forró does not stop at dancing, Tau also plays the percussion instruments Zambumba and Triangle.

Ian Martinelle from Rio de Janeiro and now based in Stockholm has a passion for play and improvisation within the dance as well as a sharp eye and understanding of technique. With his broad dance background and many years of teaching experience in Rio de Janeiro, France and Sweden, he always manages to bring a new perspective into his classes.

Live bands

Let us present our live bands for Alegria do Norte 2023!!!

Jorge do Rojão Originally from São Paulo, is an accordionist, singer and composer. He began his musical journey playing the violin, but soon also started playing the accordion, which became his main instrument.

He has accompanied many artists such as João Silva, Antônio Barros, Zenilton, Azulão de Caruaru, Banda Rastapé, Bicho de Pé, Peixelétrico, Trio Alvorada.

In March 2019, he released his third album “Energia”. This album contained the song ‘Forró na Neve’, one of the artist’s greatest hits which has been listened to more than 250,000 times on digital platforms.

Forróbamba With an energetic and cheerful style, Forrobamba plays traditional ‘pé de serra’, forró from the northeast of Brazil. The band’s much loved rhythms include coco, forró sambado, maracatu, xote, arrasta-pé, xaxado and baião.

The band’s repertoire comprises of music by well-known artists like Trio Nordestino, Dominguinhos and Genival Lacerda as well as the artists who founded this beloved Brazilian musical genre such as Jackson do Pandeiro and Luiz Gonzaga. Forrobamba also plays many of their own compositions including the hits ‘Café na Cama’, ‘Balance o Berço’ and ‘Periquito da Vizinha’.

Diego Oliveira has had an impressive 17-year long career. He has released two solo albums – “Mais um Homem Apaixonado” (2010) and “Presente” (2018) – as well as a DVD – “It’s what I have to give you (2013).

Diego is renowned for playing a more contemporary style of forró, infusing the traditional sound with new touches, beats, and contemporary lyrics. Currently, Diego is playing at Forró festivals around the world. He has performed in Brazil and all over Europe, as well as in the US, Russia, and Japan. His show is a guarantee of good times, good music and good dancing. Diego Oliveira gives you his love for forró with every performance he does.


We are so proud to be able to present this amazing trio of DJs for our festival this summer!

DJ Amy B is a music producer originally from São Paulo, now based in Lyon, France.

She is the first female DJ to work exclusively with Brazilian music and the first woman in Europe to specialize in Forró.

The Forró scene in Lyon has been growing steadily with Amy’s regular parties since 2017. She is also the founder of the Carnavália collective, which has been promoting Brazilian Culture in Lyon since 2019, and resident DJ at Radio Nova Lyon.

DJ Sampa is the DJ king of the old vinyls. We are so honored to have him back for the 3rd time at Alegria do Norte. Originally from São Paulo, he is now blessing us with his amazing DJing skills here in Europe.

Sampa studied traditional forró in 2014 and went on from there to become a cultural producer of a weekly forró event in Zurich and founder of Forró Vinyl, a monthly event. We can’t wait to welcome him back!

DJ Jam is a Paris/Stockholm based percussionist with a love for brazilian rhythms. His enthusiasm in the Forró scene, in both Paris and Stockholm, and his attentiveness towards the dance floor has made him an important part of Alegria do Norte. We could not have made it without him during the years.